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Your local contacts


AVUS offers the largest network of own branch offices in Euromed. Beyond this area we also offer our services through representatives and partners.


Please click on the country of your choice to learn more.


Informationen regarding countries that are not listed below can be obtained from the AVUS Headquarter.

Albania Denmark Kosovo Portugal
Algerien Estonia Latvia Romania
Andorra Finland Liechtenstein Russian Fed.
Arabic countries France Lithuania Serbia
AustriaLink auf offline-Seite Germany Luxemburg Slovak Republic
Belarus Great Britain Macedonia Slovenia
Belgium Greece Malta Spain


Hungary Moldova Sweden
Bulgaria Iceland Montenegro Switzerland
Canada Iran Morocco Tunisia
Croatia Ireland Netherlands Turkey
Cyprus Israel Norway Ukraine
Czech Republic Italy Poland USA
Download overview of AVUS branch offices
Download overview of AVUS branch offices
Click on the link below to download the updated overview of all AVUS branch offices (PDF document).

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