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AVUS 2020


Our globalised world is characterised by constantly moving targets. Nevertheless, or just
because of this fact, every successful company should know in which direction its development
should go.

AVUS Group Management performs exactly this task. It identifies and analyzes relevant
market trends and the most influential factors of the business environment with a view to drawing the right conclusions for the future orientation of AVUS. The principles described below are extracts from the AVUS Strategy 2020 which reflects the latest status of this work.


Right on your side
AVUS is an enterprise which achieved its success as a result of its customer proximity.
“Right on your side” also means that AVUS moves along with its customers to wherever
they are or may be in the future. In practical terms, AVUS will not only be on the spot
geographically, but of course also develop its service portfolio in response to its customers’
requirements. Only one area will not be affected by change: AVUS will remain committed to its
core business, claims handling - also by 2020.


Deepening of the markets
To date, AVUS has handled claims in 151 countries. “Where there is mobility, there is
AVUS” has been the motto behind our growth in the first 50 years. And we will remain faithful
to this motto in the future as well.

In practice, this means a successive deepening
of the market regions of AVUS, because today mobility towards Russia, India, the Middle East
and especially China is gathering momentum. Just as in the past when the iron curtain was
lifted, and AVUS opened its first offices in the former Eastern Bloc countries, long before any
other competitors arrived, AVUS once again takes on a pioneering role in the current situation.
AVUS is operating in these regions already today. In the years to come, we will significantly
intensify our activities there. An entrepreneurial spirit and openness will remain the driving
forces behind our commitment

Strength through diversification
Whereas in the early days of our history, the injured parties addressed themselves directly to
AVUS, especially since the end of the ’Sixties the focus has shifted towards insurance companies. Since that time, injured parties have been serviced by AVUS under a mandate from their insurers.

But, in addition, a growing number of customers outside the insurance industry also rely on our services. These are, for example, large transport enterprises engaged both in passenger and freight transport. Our new customers do not only move on roads, but also on rail, water and
up in the air.


Domestic and foreign claims
AVUS established itself as an international claims handler operating across the geographical
borders of its customers. This task will remain the core competence of AVUS in the future
as well.

However, it can be seen already now that customers enlist the services of AVUS as its
partner also for the settlement of domestic claims. This trend has become ever stronger
over the past few years - thus confirming our positioning as an independent domestic and
international claims handler.


Quality takes precedence over quantity
In addition to its clearly defined growth targets, the AVUS Strategy 2020 also contains an unmistakable restriction with regard to one point: AVUS has no ambition to become a onestop-
shop. It will continue to focus on claims handling in all lines of the insurance business.
Insurance-related services are to remain included in the service portfolio, but only with the aim
of promoting the quality of independent claims settlement as the Group’s core competence.

And this ultimately reflects a principle which is one of the prevailing features of the AVUS
Strategy 2020: We are striving for top quality market leadership out of responsibility towards
our partners.