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Our advocacy for human rights


AVUS is a successful company. We actually happen to be in a fortunate position in that we generate commercial success by providing a service that focuses on justice. After all, it serves justice if traffic accident victims get commensurate compensation, thanks to our intervention.


When you deal with such issues on a daily basis - as we do in our business operations - it is quite natural that you also come across segments of society where justice is often inadequate, where people depend upon the help and social commitment of others. Commercially successful companies, in particular, should contribute towards more social equilibrium by lending their support to these segments of society.


We, at AVUS, have readily taken up this responsibility and regard it as a gratifying commitment. Please find below a link to social activities where we were able to make an active contribution in recent years.


List of organizations receiving our support


We have chosen SOS Children’s Village for this year’s Christmas project.


2013 is the first year where we have decided not to send out Christmas cards.


The money thus saved this year will go directly to SOS Children’s Village and their project “Stübing NEU” where it will contribute towards building a new village for children without parents.